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About Us

FortNynja is focusing on the issue of talent drought in the cybersecurity world to contribute in building a robust and sustainable cybersecurity ecosystem in APAC. We have presence in Australia, Hong Kong and Malaysia.

The key focus areas are:

  • Building FortNynja Bootcamp, driven by industry for industry.
  • Creating Tech Platform
  • Curate Roundtables and Awareness events

FortNynja is driven by the principles of inclusivity, diversity and humanising Cybersecurity.

FortNynja Lawtech Webinar FortNynja Lawtech Webinar - sebastian FortNynja Lawtech Webinar - Fang Ming FortNynja Lawtech Webinar - Vidi FortNynja Lawtech Webinar - Jenna


We are pleased to invite you to our Webinar titled Professional Firms & Tech: Navigating Tech Adoption & Cybersecurity Trends on 17 June 2020 from 6.30pm - 7.30pm (Singapore/ Malaysia/ Hong Kong time).

Registration is free (limited seats).

Speaker: Mr Sebastian Ko, Mr Fang-ming Lim, Mr Vidi Valianto, Ms Jenna Huey

This webinar will review and forecast the tech-enabled opportunities and risks for professional firms navigating new ways of doing business in the 2020s. We’ll review the data, trends and predictions of what’s in store for Hong Kong professionals moving forward. Join our webinar and get ahead of the game this summer.

FortNynja Covid-19 Webinar FortNynja Covid-19 Webinar Poster


We are pleased to invite you to our Webinar titled COVID-19 Era: Virtual/ Neo Bank & Financial Health for SMEs and Individuals on 2 June 2020 from 4pm-6pm (Singapore/ Malaysia/ Hong Kong time).

Registration is free (limited seats).

The panel will be divided into 2 sessions whereby each session will run 40 minutes:

Virtual/ Neo Bank (Peter Theunis from BPC, Paul Ark from WeWork Labs, Danny from GHL, OneConnect Financial Technology - one of PingAn's Insurance Group business)

Financial Health for SME & Individuals (April from UNCDF, Yit Ming from Googlepay, Jasmine)

FortNynja EKYC Webinar FortNynja EKYC Webinar - frederic FortNynja EKYC Webinar - chung FortNynja EKYC Webinar - robin FortNynja EKYC Webinar - cliff


We are pleased to invite you to our Webinar titled Focus on Digital Innovation, EKYC & AML (Malaysia & APAC) on 27 June 2020 from 5.00pm - 6.30pm (Singapore/ Malaysia/ Hong Kong time).

Registration is free

Speaker: Mr Frederic Ho, Ms Charmayne Chung, Mr Robin lee, Mr Cliff Lim

The recent release of Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM)'s policy announcement on their policy on eKYC (electronic know your customer) is one of the crucial elements for digital banking players keen on shaping and taking the lead in the neobank/digitalbank area. One significant area where eKYC will have a significant impact will be on curbing Anti Money Laundering (AML) by increasing personal privacy, increasing security, managing regulatory coordination, improve data protection and financial inclusion. In this Webinar, we explore what's worked, what hasn't and review what players in Malaysia and APAC are doing to balance technology advancements with regulatory controls.

FortNynja E-Round Table

E-Roundtables & Webinars

For industry, by industry. We curate and build a trusted network within the industry around APAC to discuss issues and key topics that impacts our industry and economy.

Upcoming topics:

  • Business Assistance during Lockdown: Infrastructures and Government Incentives, Stimulus Packages and Payments that are available
  • Future: How will the world work, live and do business post COVID-19?
  • FinTech Focus Country
FortNynja Talent Building

Talent Building

Building cybersecurity ecosystem is key for sustainability and long-term impact.

Bootcamp - There will be two target markets for FortNynja Bootcamp which are the specialists workforce, both non-technical and technical, embracing their existing skills and experience.

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A Little More About E-FinTech School

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Better employability with the new skillset, knowledge and appreciation of Fintech
  • Ability to apply key practical knowledge for the APAC region
  • Industry-ready applicable knowledge with actual case studies
  • Exclusive insights from industry experts
  • Networking opportunity with people/companies that can offer new ideas and job/ business opportunities

Week 1: Fintech - Payments, P2P, Insurtech, Robo-advisory, Stock trading

Week 2: Techfin - Challenger / Neo Bank, Open API, Cryptocurrency,

Week 3: Technology/Digital -Blockchain, Compliance v Innovation, EKYC, Cybersecurity,Data, Privacy, Cloud, Regtech

Week 4: Entrepreneurship- Startup & Scaleup, Venture Capital and Investment, Intrapreneurship, Leadership & Community

Online lectures and tutorials focusing on problem solving scenarios and case studies

All sessions will be held online

No exams, quizzes or test. Graduation pitch is mandatory (don't worry, we will guide you)

A Once-off payment of USD100 will be taken from students at the start of the course in the form of a registration fee and deposit.

The payment will be fully reimbursed to students upon successful completion of the course. The purpose of this fee is to get the full committed genuine students keen on getting the most out of the course.

Yes, and the payment will be USD100 (reimbursed to students upon successful completion of the course excluding conversion fees and/or transaction fees)

Maximum of 50 students per class with the option for the teachers to reduce the class size.

There is an 80% attendance criteria in order to obtain a certificate of completion and to get the full reimbursement.

Students will be given the chance to catch up on classes via a recording if they miss up to 10% of classes. They must complete this during a 2 week period. Exceptional cases are up to the discretion of the E-Fintech Advisory Committee.

Students must attend a minimum of 10 hours per week

7pm-9pm (UTC+8 hours) on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays

10am-5.30pm (UTC+8 hours) on Saturdays (3 x 2hour sessions)

You will not receive your digital certificate of completion and there will be no refund of your deposit.

The topics are mandatory unless specifically mentioned to be optional. These optional classes are supplementary classes you can attend to support your project

Course materials depend on each teacher. There will be no fee for the materials. You willhave to make your own meals and snacks yourself.

Selection is based on your application. We are looking for individuals who are clear on what they would like to achieve from joining this school and how you plan to use what you’ve learnt in the space you’re in.

We are looking to form the 1st cohort of the E-Fintech School around APAC that applies our principles of diversity, inclusivity and practicality of applying the experience and knowledge from this school to their lives, work and problems they face.