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About Us

FortNynja present corporate-level cybersecurity knowhow in a more relevant context to SMEs. We are in the business of finding loopholes in your system before hackers can exploit them. We mimic an attack on your digital infrastructure to stress test your current protection so that if a real attack occurs, you will be prepared.

Our Business Philosophy / What we do

3 out of 5 businesses that get hacked are SMEs, with an average loss of USD$200,000. This usually means that businesses close down permanently after 6 months. Just as having financial and management reports help owners make better decisions in their business' performance, cybersecurity visibility allows business owners to address its risk exposure to the business. The FBI reported a 400% increase in security incidence during the pandemic, and that number will only climb higher until SMEs properly protect their digital assets with the right processes and procedures. FortNynja's systematic diagnosis helps business owners and their staff get clear visibility, improve their processes and fix underlying issues with their tech.

We have a partnership-for-life model with our clients as their cybersecurity partner, allowing our clients to focus on the core of their business. We improve the security of their system by fixing vulnerabilities that hackers can exploit. Growing a successful business is hard enough and the last thing you need is a hacker kicking you out of everything you've worked for unless you pay a ransom.

Past Events

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FortNynja Lawtech Webinar
FortNynja COVID-19 Webinar
FortNynja EKYC Webinar
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Cybersecurity Solutions

Business Owners

Remove the guesswork on whether your systems and processes are adequate to prevent a hack. Get clear on the 15 most common vulnerabilities hackers exploit in your business processes that's preventable.

Penetration Testers

Do you have what it takes to rank yourself against the best penetration testers in the region? Sign up below to learn more about our upcoming community event that will give you the recognition in the industry.

FortNynja E-Fintech school

E-FinTech School

Ralf Wasmuth

"In my view, FinTech is about having a good understanding on the changes in different verticals because it is very cross-dimensional. Coming from the insurance world, I realised that there are a lot of similarities in both our products. FortNynja's course has been very handy for me"

Ralf Wasmuth
Digital transformation in Financial Services
Shi Jing Ting

"Prior to joining the school, I didn't know much about FinTech. As a laywer, one of my clients requested to roll out their virtual currency in Malaysia, so I had to look into the regulatory framework in Malaysia and how Bitcoin works. This brought out my interest in FinTech and I joined the school. I have gained a lot knowledge in the FinTech fields."

Shi Jing Ting
Corporate Lawyer @ Skrine
Michele Lee

"FinTech as a subject itself excites me a lot. I come from the banking sector and I've always wanted to learn more about FinTech but didn't know where to start. There's so much info online and it was so confusing until I came across FortNynja's program on Facebook."

Michele Lee
Senior Manager @ The Association of Banks in Malaysia

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