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We have launched E-FinTech School for the APAC region, driven by industry. The aim is to get fintech experts and subject matter expertise to share practical and useful insights, knowledge and experience with real use cases in our journey to build a sustainable and robust fintech ecosystem.

Interested in being a Teacher? Please email [email protected] to get details about what's involved and how you can contribute.

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Previous instructors

Audrey Misquith
United Nations Capital Development Fund
Rana Datta
Ronnie Tan
MyTheo / Silverlake
Nizam Ismail
Fernn Lim
Standard Chartered Ventures
Veronika Kuznetsova
Nobert Gehrke
Japan Fintech
Napier AI
Khuan Yew Lee
Raw Compliance
Aditi Sholapukar
Nium / Transferwise
Nichapat Ark
Openspace Ventures
Colin Weir
Steve Soeyanto
Dominique Simon
Lunex Ventures
Chen Chow
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Advisory Board E-Fintech School
Advisory Board E-Fintech School

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the dates for the E-Fintech School APAC?

Our Nov Cohort will kick off from 15th November 2021 to 15th December 2021. Graduation Pitch Day will be on the 15th December 2021 (Wednesday).

3. Do I need to have any experience in Fintech before joining the Course?

No experience is required to join the Course, as long you have a keen desire to learn. All applications are welcomed!

4. Is this Course open to international applicants?

Yes, but the Course will be primarily focused on the Asia-Pacific Region.

5. What can I gain from the Course?
  • Better employability with a new skillset, knowledge and appreciation towards Fintech
  • Ability to apply key practical knowledge for the APAC region
  • Understanding industry-ready applicable knowledge with actual case studies
  • Gaining exclusive insights from industry experts
  • Networking with people/industry leaders that can generate new ideas and job/business opportunities
6. Is the E-Fintech School APAC affiliated with any institution or universities?

No, we are not affiliated with any institutions or universities. Our syllabus is specially curated with industry leaders to build a comprehensive module on the topics and trends relevant within the Fintech Ecosystem.

7. Why do you ask for my Gmail address?

We ask for your Gmail address in order to provide you access to our class recordings due to the Youtube requirements. However, you can choose not to give out your Gmail address if you don't feel comfortable with it.

8. What is the selection criteria for applicants?

The selection will be based on your application. We are looking for passionate individuals who are clear on their intention of joining the school, ie: what do you want to achieve from joining the Course, how do you plan to use your knowledge in your daily life and your work.

9. How many applications can I submit?
  • You are only required to submit one application.
  • There are no group applications.
10. When is the deadline to submit my application?

The deadline is on 8th November 2021 (Monday — 5pm MYT/SGT/HKT).

11. What are my next steps after submitting the application? What is the onboarding process like?
  1. FortNynja and the Board will go through the selection process on a bi-weekly basis. Seats are limited to only 100 applicants at maximum.
  2. Once you are selected, you will receive an email from FortNynja, consisting of a Participant toolkit, Terms & Conditions and Instructions for Deposit.
  3. Once you have reverted the Terms & Conditions and successfully transferred the 100USD deposit to us then you will receive a 2nd email consisting of the Class Schedule, Slack Invitation and Zoom Link.
  4. You can then join the slack channel and introduce yourself to your fellow classmates and familiarise yourself with Slack.
  5. Class will then officially start on the 15th November 2021.
1. What topics will be covered in the Course?
  • Week 1: Fintech — Payments, Microfinance, Islamic Finance, Buy Now Pay Later
  • Week 2: Techfin — Cryptocurrency, Digital Bank/Challenger Bank, Decentralised Finance, NFT
  • Week 3: Technology/Digital — Regtech, Biometric Authentication, AI, ESG, Risk Compliance, Cybersecurity
  • Week 4: Entrepreneurship/Leadership — Startup & Scaleup, Entrepreneurial Journey, Venture Capital and Investment, Leadership and Community

*Subjected to the changes and availability of instructors and at the discretion of the Board and FortNynja.

2. Do I need to purchase any Course materials?
  • No, the Course materials will generally be provided by the Instructors after a class session.
  • Do allow some time for us and the instructors to process the materials as the course materials will be subjected to approvals by the Instructor's respective companies.
  • There will be no extra fees for the materials.
3. How will the Course be facilitated?
  • Our main communication channel for all participants, the FortNynja Team, instructors and mentors will be on Discord.
  • Our classes and mentoring sessions will be held online via Zoom.
4. How much commitment must I put into the duration of the Course?
  • We are not going to lie, it's pretty intensive.
  • You must attend a minimum of 6 hours per week of mandatory classes (3 x 2 hours class per week)
  • Extra hours to brainstorm and contribute to your Team's Pitch on Graduation Pitch Day at the end of the Course.
  • We will have Ambassadors (Graduates from previous cohorts) to guide and support you throughout the Course should you ever encounter any problems.
5. Could you tell me more about the Graduation Pitch Day at the end of the Course?
  • Graduation Pitch Day is a mandatory requirement to successfully graduate from the Course.
  • You will need to team up with your fellow cohort mates (up to 6 individuals per team) to solve a Fintech/Techfin problem of your choice and build your team's pitch deck by the end of the Course.
    ⭐ Tips: Remember to find your teammates as early as you can to start brainstorming your ideas and discussing possible solutions.
  • You and your team will be required to attend and pitch your solution on Graduation Pitch Day.
  • Each team is entitled to 3 mins pitch and 5 mins Q&A from the judges.
6. What does "successfully graduate" mean in the context of the Course?
  • To successfully graduate, you will need to fulfill:
    1. 80% of class attendance; and
    2. Pitch with your team members on the Graduation Pitch Day.
  • When you have successfully graduated from the Course, you will then receive your certificate of completion and get back the full reimbursement of your deposit (minus the transaction and exchange fees).
7. Are there any other awards other than the certificate of completion?

There will be awards for the Best Pitch, Best Team and Best Fintech/Techfin project given on the Graduation Pitch Day.

8. Is there a penalty for failing or not completing the Course?

There is no extra penalty. You will not receive your certificate of completion and there will not be any refund of your deposit.

9. Are there any examinations conducted during the duration of the Course?

There will not be any exams. Quizzes and tests may be applied with the objective to have fun while learning and getting to know your classmates.

1. What is the maximum capacity per class?

There will be a maximum of 100 participants per class, with the option for the instructors to reduce the class size if need be.

2. How long is each class session?

Each class sessions will be 2 hours long.

3. What is the class structure like?
  • Each class structure is unique, it will be highly dependent on each Instructor's style. It can be a mixture of structured and unstructured.
  • Ie: Fireside chat, pure lecture and presentation, and Q&A.
4. Do I need to do any pre-reading before each of the classes?

Yes, it is encouraged for you to always check up on the Class Calendar to see the upcoming topics and do a little pre-reading yourself.

5. What about mentoring sessions? What are they?
  • Mentoring sessions are hour-long sessions on every Saturday from 9.00AM to 10.00AM (MYT/SGT/HKT).
  • It is divided into 2 types:
    1. Group session with 30 mins per slot (2 groups max per day); and
    2. 1-on-1 session with 15 mins per slot (4 students max per day).
  • This is non-compulsory and it is on a first come first serve basis for our participants.
  • It is made for the purpose of assisting our participants in their graduation pitch.
6. How many sessions are there weekly?
  • Mandatory classes: 7pm-9pm (MYT/SGT/HKT) on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.
  • Supplementary classes:
    1. 7pm—9pm (MYT/SGT/HKT) on either Mondays or Fridays.
    2. 10am—12pm (MYT/SGT/HKT) on Saturdays.
  • Mentoring Sessions: 9am-10am (MYT/SGT/HKT) on Saturdays.
7. Will I get to know the class schedule beforehand?

Yes, the class schedule will be distributed to our participants before 15th November 2021.

8. Will the sessions be recorded?
  • Yes, the sessions will be recorded.
  • Please note that we do not give recordings for optional classes if you did not manage to turn up for the class.
  • Participants will be entitled to request up to 5 max video recordings for the current cohort that they are in.
  • As a participant of the E-Fintech School, you will be given access to the class recordings from the previous cohort.
  • The current cohort will have access to the previous recordings until the start of the next cohort.
9. What happens if I am unable to make it to a class?
  • You can fill in your reason of non-attendance in our internal class sheet (will be provided when the Course starts)
  • Participants will be given a chance to catch up on the classes via the class recording, provided you have given your reason for your non-attendance and your attendance rate is kept at 80%.
  • Exceptional cases are up to the discretion of the E-Fintech Board of Advisory.
10. Can I choose my topics?
  • The topics are mandatory unless specifically mentioned to be optional.
  • We have supplementary classes (optional) that you can attend to unlock the inner-Hermoine in you.
1. Is there a registration fee for the Course?
  • Yes, it will be 100USD per person at the start of the Course in the form of a deposit and it will be reimbursed back upon successful graduation from the Course (minus the transaction and exchange fees).
  • The purpose of this fee is to get committed and genuine participants that are keen on getting the most out of the Course.
2. How long must I wait for the reimbursement to be completed?

Please expect 2-3 months of processing time for your reimbursement.

For more information, please contact [email protected]

Good luck! Hope to see you all soon!