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We have launched E-FinTech School for the APAC region, driven by industry. The aim is to get fintech experts and subject matter expertise to share practical and useful insights, knowledge and experience with real use cases in our journey to build a sustainable and robust fintech ecosystem.

Interested in being a Teacher? Please email info@fortnynja.com to get details about what's involved and how you can contribute.

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Previous instructors

Audrey Misquith
United Nations Capital Development Fund
Rana Datta
Ronnie Tan
MyTheo / Silverlake
Nizam Ismail
Fernn Lim
Standard Chartered Ventures
Veronika Kuznetsova
Nobert Gehrke
Japan Fintech
Napier AI
Khuan Yew Lee
Raw Compliance
Aditi Sholapukar
Nium / Transferwise
Nichapat Ark
Openspace Ventures
Colin Weir
Steve Soeyanto
Dominique Simon
Lunex Ventures
Chen Chow
Advisory Board E-Fintech School
Advisory Board E-Fintech School
Advisory Board E-Fintech School

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Better employability with new skillset, knowledge and appreciation of Fintech
  • Ability to apply key practical knowledge for the APAC region
  • Industry-ready applicable knowledge with actual case studies
  • Exclusive insights from industry experts
  • Networking opportunity with people/companies that can offer new ideas and job/ business prospects

Week 1: Fintech — Payments, P2P, Insurtech, Robo-advisory, Stock trading

Week 2: Techfin — Challenger / Neo Bank, Open API, Cryptocurrency

Week 3: Technology / Digital — Blockchain, Compliance v Innovation, EKYC, Cybersecurity, Data, Privacy, Cloud, Regtech

Week 4: Entrepreneurship — Startup & Scaleup, Venture Capital and Investment, Intrapreneurship, Leadership and Community

Online lectures and tutorials focusing on problem solving scenarios and case studies.

All sessions will be held online.

There will be no exams, quizzes, or tests. Only your full attendance is required.

A one-off payment of RM500 is chargeable at the start of the course in the form of a registration fee and deposit.

The payment will be fully reimbursed to students upon successful completion of the course. The purpose of this fee is to ensure the students are genuine, fully committed, and keen on getting the most out of the course.

Yes, and the payment is USD118 (will be reimbursed upon successful completion of the course. Currency exchange will be fixed to the local currency rate on the 1st July 2020 via www.x-rates.com.

Maximum of 50 students per class with the option for the teachers to reduce the class size.

There is an 80% attendance requirement in order to obtain the certificate of completion and to get the full reimbursement.

Students will be given the chance to catch up on classes via a recording if they miss up to 10% of the classes. They must complete this within a 2-week period. Exceptional cases are up to the discretion of the E-Fintech Advisory Committee.

Over the course of two consecutive days, teams of 5 will have to present a solution to a problem statement from the industry (provided by the teacher).

There will be awards for the Best Pitch, Best Team, and Best Fintech / Techfin.

Students must attend a minimum of 10 hours per week.

7pm—9pm (UTC +8) on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays

10am—5.30pm (UTC +8) on Saturdays (3 x 2-hour sessions)

You will not receive your digital certificate of completion and there will be no refund of your deposit.

The topics are mandatory unless specifically mentioned to be optional. Optional classes are supplementary classes you can attend to support your project.

Each course may have different structure. As such, the course materials are dependent on each teacher. There will be no fee for the materials.

We are looking for individuals who are clear on what they would like to achieve from joining this school and how you plan to use what you’ve learnt in the space you’re in.

We are looking to form the 1st cohort of the E-FinTech School around APAC that applies our principles of diversity, inclusivity, and practicality of applying the experience and knowledge from this school to their lives, work, and problems they face.