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Webinar: Professional Firms & Tech: Navigating Tech Adoption & Cybersecurity Trends

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Speaker: Mr Sebastian Ko, Mr Fang-ming Lim, Mr Vidi Valianto, Ms Jenna Huey

This webinar will review and forecast the tech-enabled opportunities and risks for professional firms navigating new ways of doing business in the 2020s. We’ll review the data, trends and predictions of what’s in store for Hong Kong professionals moving forward. Join our webinar and get ahead of the game this summer.

Lawtech workshop

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Learn about the new and upcoming LawTech and cybersecurity training course, which has been tailored for Hong Kong legal practices, their fee-earners and staff.

The Basic courses are suitable for everyone. The Advance courses are suitable to professionals with entry or intermediate-level knowledge of IT systems.

Advance course

Integrating LawTech products into practice

Deep dive into cloud, API, AI, cybersecurity and compliance

Protecting data & confidentiality - Risks and benefits (focuses on practical and legal-technology cross-disciplinary knowledge)


Basic course

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Introduction to LawTech / Practice Related Technologies

In the last few years, the legal profession is beginning to innovate rapidly to leverage on a wide range of digital solutions; increasing their productivity and competitiveness while reducing costs and risks. Yet, each legal practice must navigate a multitude of challenges in people, process and technology management as well as compliance with professional rules and guidances. To help you do so, we will provide a primer on technologies, related processes and implementation strategies.We will cover the topics below:

  • Defining LawTech and practice related technologies
  • LawTech market trends
  • Barriers against adoption of LawTech
  • Associated risks and benefits of LawTech
  • Case studies on real-life application of LawTech
  • The future landscape of LawTech
  • Growth mindsets and change management for legal practices

Online workshop time: 7.00PM - 9.00PM (HK Time)

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Running Your Practice Like a Tech Company

Technology companies are famous for their R&D investments and agile product development, which are underpinned by their integrating expertise in engineering methodologies, project management and business strategies. Lawyers, on the other hand, manage legal teams in relatively simpler structures. While they are trained in legal practice, they are not necessarily educated in business administration in law schools. This session will aim to address these gaps by adapting relevant key practices and ideas from the technology sector that legal practices can leverage on. We will cover the topics below:

  • Managing budgets for a competitive and innovative business
  • Identifying different areas of practice for automation
  • Managing, storing and utilising data for practice success
  • Implementing technology-enabled HR practices (e.g Working-From-Home)
  • Managing the talent pool required to sustain tech-focused legal practices
  • Creating a work environment that promotes innovation

Online workshop time: 7.00PM - 9.00PM (HK Time)

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Advance course

Cybersecurity for Legal Teams

The business world has taken significant leaps forward by incorporating the use of technology to breathe life into traditional sectors, establishing new industry niches and increasing commercial value. Unfortunately, some bad comes with the good. Many businesses today are exposed to a wide range of cybersecurity vulnerabilities because they are uninformed about the risks and have failed to employ the necessary systems and protocols to manage these risks. They only implement the minimum changes for compliance reasons. By contrast, cybercriminals are becoming increasingly sophisticated with their methods and tools.

The legal sector is no different. Legal teams are at the precipice of massive changes through the use of technology as legal practitioners are compelled to be innovative to stay competitive. But, similarly, data breaches like “The Panama Papers” incident remind us that the legal profession is becoming more targeted and exposed to cybersecurity risks.

This course will provide attendees robust training on what technologies are currently available to the legal industry, the risks and benefits from a cybersecurity perspective and suggested protocols on minimisation of cybersecurity risk exposure. We will cover the latest best practices already implemented in other sectors and by early adopters that have proven effective. We will also recommend ways to keep these solutions relevant in the near future as the world sees a fast-growing number and variety of cybersecurity incidents.

  • Introduction to common technologies
  • Common benefits and risks of technology usage
  • Case studies on common attacks
  • Modus operandi of other malicious attacks
  • Device protection strategies
  • Email and chat protection strategies
  • Hardware and network protection strategies
  • Cybersecurity considerations complementary to practice digitization

Online workshop time: 6.30PM - 9.30PM (HK Time)

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FortNynja Lawtech workshop Vidi

Deep Dive into Cloud, AI, Ethics & Compliance

Ever come across technological terms frequently, had a rough clue to what it means but never sought out what it actually means to your legal profession?

Have you considered cloud solutions but deemed it to be insecure, inapplicable, or overpriced? Does the thought of running AI solutions as part of your daily practices seem unattainable?

Clients today deal more and more in the tech space and their expectations are that their legal partners also have a clear understanding on these key concepts and technologies.

In this course, we will provide context on how consumer cloud services and AI solutions can aid legal practices to gain competitive advantages in ways that conventional workflows could not. In addition, we will explore the advantages and pitfalls of consumer cloud services that are applicable to legal practices, and how you can maximise the tools available to better prepare your business for the future.

This course will provide you with answers on not just what things like AI, cloud, data integration, data mapping, and the long list of jargons do, but also why it is relevant and how to adopt them in your legal work. This course helps non-technical professionals immerse into the practical issues when dealing with the tech world; reaping the benefits of LawTech, asking the right questions, and ensuring compliance with your legal and ethical duties.

  • Application of cloud solutions in your legal workflows, including legal research, practice management, time recording and Office 365
  • Benefits and risks relating to adoption of cloud solutions: What to consider when selecting vendors and products? Best practices and case studies
  • How is AI actually adopted in the legal context? Considerations to using AI and practical case studies
  • Adopting AI and cloud solutions in the SME context
  • Ethics and compliance - What you need to know before adopting new technologies in your legal team

Online workshop time: 10.00AM - 1.00PM (HK Time)

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FortNynja Lawtech workshop Lye

Practical Guide to Digital Transformation and Integrating LawTech into Practice

While essential to enhancing your cost-efficiency and competitiveness, innovating your practice and legal team can be daunting without careful preparation, design and implementation of “going paperless” and other digital transformation strategies. Increasingly, a wide variety of affordable LawTech products are becoming available in the market. But they could become wasted resources if they were bought without thoughtful change management and legal operations practices.

Your technology implementation plan should be tailored to your organisation and colleagues. This requires you to thoroughly understand your IT resources and capabilities, and may require appropriate audits and consultation on data and device mapping, legacy systems, backup storage and redundancies. We will cover the essential preparations you will need in order to make more informed decisions when picking solutions for your digital transformation strategy, including preparation for adopting AI-powered tools.

We will examine case studies on the integration of LawTech into legal workflows, running pilots and proofs-of-concept and planning for staff training and feedback.

In this session, we will talk about workplace transformation in order to keep updated with the latest solutions that are available for legal practice. We will go through the necessary process and setup to smoothen the integration towards the digital practice. We will share common practices and industry standards on how to work with technology. We will share case studies and compare lawtech products against non-digital routines.

  • “Going paperless” - preparing your data for digitisation and formatting considerations
  • Infrastructure setup - preparing your hardware ahead of going digital
  • Workplace transformation - preparing process flows and training your team on how to operate in the new digital environment
  • Common issues faced onboarding new tech and how to overcome them
  • Benchmarking against industry standards and best practices
  • Technology trends - Where is it all heading and which is better?

Online workshop time: 2.00PM - 5.00PM (HK Time)

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FortNynja Lawtech workshop Gooi